Interkassa Pricing

Pricing Details


Payment Method

per successful transaction

Bank cards

Accept bank cards of such payment systems as Visa, Mastercard, HUMO, UZCARD and PROSTIR

min 1.9 %


E-payments without risks and difficulties. Accept payments for goods and services from all over the world.

min 2.0 %


Allow customers to pay with cash for online orders through an extensive network of payment terminals.

min 6.5 %


Payments for goods and services from a mobile account. The customer needs to enter their phone number to make a payment.

min 6.5 %


Accept payments from around the world no matter the currency of a particular region.

min 3.2 %


Allow buyers to pay in the usual and familiar way — by using the apps of their banks. No need to fill out forms and enter details.

min 2.1 %

Google Pay and Apple Pay

Increase the conversion of online payments. Allow your clients to use Apple or Android devices to pay on websites and applications. No need to enter card details.

min 1.9 %


Payments on websites and in offline stores. The client only needs to scan the code.

min 1.9 %

Solutions to boost your payment conversion

Receive more sales with Interkassa

Customized checkout

Customize the payment form on your website.
That will reduce the risk of abandoned shopping carts and build trust for your web resource.

Card tokenization

Link the user card to the account to pay in one click.
We encrypt the card details and pass them on to you as a token. Then you can use that token to make payments on the site and in the app easier and faster.


Increases the percentage of successful payments.
We work with different acquiring banks: if the payment isn't processed by the main processing centre, the system automatically redirects it to another one until the payment is successful.