Amiro payment module

Amiro payment module

Interkassa system is an intermediary between buyers and owners of online stores, which provides the maximum simplification of the procedure for automating the process of selling services and goods through the Internet. At the moment, almost every person who owns any trading platforms, websites, business cards or online stores can connect the payment to the site. Today, this system is the most reliable, because it allows complete elimination of the risks of the client's refusal in the deferred choice, as in the case of cash settlement, while ensuring the possibility of concluding transactions for the provision of services and products at almost any daily time.

Amiro.CMS payment module is a universal platform that allows you to easily maintain and recreate professional websites that have almost any level of complexity. This module in itself is able to include all the tools that are necessary for the effective operation of modern Internet resources.

Payment module Amiro.CMS is a set consisting of almost six dozen modules of the original interface-Touch, designed for online manipulation of the site using mobile devices, it is sufficient to realize up to 98% of the needs of those who own sites.

You can come across this module in 6 different editions: Business card, Showcase, Business, Free, Corporate, Minimarket.

Amiro.CMS payment module has the following distinctive features:

Reasonable cost of website implementation without thousands of system settings, which is accessible through administrator panel, accounting for programming.
Efficiency of manipulating the site both with desktop computers and mobile devices thanks to an innovative interface-Touch coupled with the edit-in-place mode.
Excellent level of system performance, even if large amounts of data with reasonable requirements for web server configuration.
The availability of certificates from such companies as, BDBD, Ashmanov and partners and NetPromoter, which indicates the complete conformity of the module to the requirements of optimization of the search modern era.
High speed of the project start on this module, performed as soon as possible.
Simplicity of manipulation of so far ready site, as well as the implementation of site development in stages with the build-up without losing its functional data.
Adaptation for mobile devices of sites design demonstration, as well as sites that are included in the distributions of this module in all editions, so far ready online stores on the MarketAmiro.