Payment module 1C-Bitrix

Payment module 1C-Bitrix

Interkassa is a modern system for accepting payments on the Internet, which allows you to accept any form of payment as soon as possible. This aggregator connects to any trading platforms and sites, making the process of Internet sales more simplistic and automated. This system offers its clients ready modules in the amount of 17 pieces for popular CMS, one of which is the 1C-Bitrix payment module.

This module is a professional web-project manipulation system, a universal software product for supporting, creating, and successfully developing online stores, community sites, corporate sites, information portals, networks and social and other projects.

It is produced in several variations: small business, start and business, which differ from each other only in the included and system modules.

1C-Bitrix payment module consists of 26 modules for managing the entire site, such as forums, advertising, content, blogs, online stores, etc. With this module, a new project can be developed or an existing one can be transferred. It is designed for a normal user that will manage the ready site, and for web developers professionals.

1C-Bitrix payment module contributes to the achievement of excellent performance results (even with limited virtual hosting resources), as well as building separate systems for websites with high traffic and high peak loads.

Features and benefits of the module:
• multisite;
• visual management of the site;
• flexibility of the data storage mechanism;
• full compatibility with "1C: Enterprise";
• security;
• adaptability of the management system interface;
• regularity of updating the system modules and all of it as a whole;
• speed of creating a mobile application for the store to manage the site from a mobile device;
• availability of detailed documentation with permanent qualified technical support;
• availability of statistical own CDN for storing information;
• for ultra-fast work there is a technology called "Composite site";
• the presence of an integrated security suite, as well as a powerful MVC framework in the system kernel.

To install this payment module on an online resource, you need to ensure that the desired CMS is compatible with the modular version; download plug-in on PC, unzip it; all content from the "upload" folder upload to the server; in the admin panel, select Interkassa as the payment method, and fill in the necessary fields in the settings tab, such as: secret key, unique purse number, test key.