Payment module Cs.cart

Payment module Cs.cart

The system for accepting payments Interkassa provides online stores and sites, trading platforms the ability to take as soon as possible all the desired types of payment that can be made in five types of currencies. It can be hryvnia, lari, ruble, euro or dollar. Interkassa allows you to accept the by Internet payment project from the client through popular payment systems, which have a large number. And all this is done through a single gateway. In Interkassa to date, you can choose from 17 different CMS-modules is the one that you need. One of them is the Cs.cart payment module.

This module is a professional online stores management system and is designed for those who decided to engage in e-commerce for real. This module contains convenient and powerful control panel, resistance to loads and hackings, adaptability of design, high speed of work, built-in opportunities for sales promotions and much more. Its script is optimized for search engines.

The Cs.cart payment module has the following advantages:
• simplicity of the basket interface and personal cabinet;
• the ability to add products to several different categories;
• no need to contact programmers to work with the system with certain experience working with this CMS;
• convenience of marketing tools, for example, sales promotions and special offers;
• ease of filters management;
• convenience of the loyalty program.

Its shortcomings include: the difficulties of implementing your own solutions, for example, in the implementation of your own design, and the sufficient complexity of the interface of the administrator panel.

What you need to do in order to install the Cs.cart payment module on an online resource?
Step 1. Make sure that the modular version is compatible with the existing CMS.
Step 2. Download the plug-in on your PC and unpack it.
Step 3. All the content in the "upload" folder is uploaded to the server.
Step 4. In the admin panel in the list of payment methods, you need to select the Interkassa system.
Step 5. Open the "Settings" tab and fill in all the required fields, namely: secret key, unique purse number, if necessary, a test key.
Step 6. Concerning the use of our new API. For this, the API tab is taken, and from the settings of your account your key and id; in the graph IP filter you write down IP of your site.
Step 7. Saving.