Payment module Drupal

Payment module Drupal

If you own a website that sells goods or services and want your clients to be able to make payments quickly in a way that is convenient for them, then payment aggregators will be the right solution for you. They are easily connected to various sites and allow you to connect a large number of payment systems at once.

The choice of this service should be approached with extreme caution and you will need to carefully examine its pros and cons. In order not to get on the scammers' pages, choose proven Internet-acquiring systems that have been working for more than one year. This will be a confirmation of their stability and reliability. Also it is worth to evaluate the possibilities of the resource, tariffs, methods of payment and convenience of the functional of the personal cabinet. Advantage will also be provided by the company technical support.

Our system for accepting online payments Interkassa offers its clients a large number of ways to transfer money, thereby increasing the number of potential buyers.

If you are looking for Drupal payment module, it is advisable to refer to our resource. With the help of ready-made modules, you can add Interkassa as a payment aggregator to your site without much effort. Thus, you seem to have a personal cashier, who in a few seconds is able to accept payment from several clients at once, which simplifies the process of buying and selling as much as possible.

Buyers will be able to pay for the purchase in such ways:

- bank cards;

- self-service terminals;

- electronic money;

- Interent banking;

- mobile settlement;

- SWIFT transfers, etc.

By installing a payment module Drupal, you will receive an expanded range of clients, thus, getting a good profit. For individuals, withdrawal of funds to bank cards is provided, for legal entities - to a settlement account.