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Host CMS Module

Host CMS Module

Thanks to such a system as Interkassa, online sites, online stores and trading platforms are able to accept all types of payment as quickly as possible, which can be made in five different types of currencies: euro, ruble, hryvnia, dollar, lari. This system of payment acceptance will allow through a single gateway to accept payment by various popular payment systems. Nowadays in Interkassa it is possible to come across 17 different modules CMS.

One of the most common in the post-Soviet space and in Europe is the payment module HostCMS, designed as an example to other systems to simplify everyday work with sites. This module in itself advantageously combines ease of operation, multifunctionality and intuitive interface. It provides options for printing works and templates that will help you easily format the texts and convert them. Installation of this module is an excellent choice for sites that have different themes and purposes. For example: news, corporate, information and advertising, business cards and promo-sites, online stores.

Host CMS payment module provides ample opportunities for both development professionals and beginners, and is often used for commercial sites of a company or a store. This fact is due to the fact that the module is integrated with 1C, as well as other services and additional tools for electronic commerce and accounting. To date, the Host CMS payment module can be installed in 5 main editions: small business, corporation, my site, business and free version, which is great for small non-commercial projects and testing your forces in a new field. These editions differ from one another in the presence of useful additions and functionalities, each of them has its own advantages, and therefore, it is necessary to select them taking into account the specific features of a particular project.

This module allows you to fill the catalog, edit the records, post new materials, publish news, attach files and perform other types of work without attracting a wide staff of specialists due to the presence of a powerful platform engine that can independently cope with all the above tasks. The advantages of the module also include multi-site, full technical support, speed and ease of content editing, versatility.