Joomla payment module

Joomla payment module

Joomla is an open content management system (CMS) on the basis of which sites are created. It is very popular among users all over the world and is suitable for creating both small and large sites, online stores, portals and personal pages. Joomla has a simple and intuitive interface that, when used for the first time, has a minimal set of tools, supplemented if necessary. This not only prevents cluttering the admin panel, but also reduces the load on the server. The system allows you to fully control the development of the site and update information on it, while the user does not need to have any special knowledge.

Any owner of an Internet resource whose activities are related to the payment for goods or services, sooner or later begins to look for methods that can increase sales and the effectiveness of the site operation. There is a need for cooperation with a reliable and functional electronic payment acceptance system. Its importance can not be overemphasized, because the productive work of the site directly depends on how quickly and conveniently the client is able to make a payment, and the seller - to get money. The more ways money transfers will be provided by the payment aggregator, the more clients will want to cooperate with it.

Universal service of payment acceptance Interkassa gives its users the opportunity to accept payment through various types of payment systems. With the help of ready payment modules for known CMS, provided by Interkassa, you can easily and in a matter of seconds be able to connect all payment systems to your site.

Joomla payment module is easily installed on your computer (detailed installation instructions are provided on the website). Having connected it, the seller gives to the clients a wide choice of ways to transfer the funds and transaction protection.

The Joomla payment module allows the owner of the resource to easily and quickly withdraw the received funds to his bank card or settlement account (if he is an entrepreneur or a legal entity).

Interkassa will open for you new opportunities of online-transfers on favorable terms.