Magento payment module

Magento payment module

A modern system for accepting payments on the Internet called Interkassa allows to take any desired form of payment in the shortest time possible. This system is connected to any trading platform, online stores and sites with maximum ease, making the process of sales on the Internet more simple and automated. This system offers the most diverse payment directions, among which there are Swift, payment through mobile operators, through popular payment systems like WebMoney, Yandex, QIWI, Bitcoin, etc., terminals, cash, and Mastercard or Visa cards .

Magento payment module has an adaptive design, which means that on this platform the online store will be conveniently viewed on any devices, including portable. This will significantly save resources for owners of online stores, both material and timing. This module is one of the most popular in the world for online stores. It works, in principle, like many other modules based on MySQL and PHP, and has open source code.

Magento payment module has the following advantages: huge built-in functionality, scalability and scalability.

How can you install Magento payment module on an existing online resource? To do this, you need to complete 7 items in stages.
Item 1. Check the compatibility of the modular version with the desired CMS.
Item 2. Downloading the plug-in on the PC and unpacking it.
Item 3. Upload all content from the folder called "upload" to the server.
Item 4. Choose the payment method Interkassa in the administrative panel.
Item 5. Filling in all the fields in the settings that are required to install the module: a secret key, a unique purse number, if necessary, a test key.
Point 6. Use of our new API. To do this, take an API-tab, in the account settings - the key and IP is taken, in the "IP-filter" column the IP of the desired site is added.
Item 7. Saving the settings.

Interkassa payment acceptance system offers its clients ready-made modules for the most popular CMS, including the payment module Magento. Its installation does not take much time and is as simple as possible even for a person far from programming.