Modx payment module

Modx payment module

Virtually all active Internet users pay for services or goods online, most of them do it at least once a month. However, small online stores, ignoring this widely known fact, do not want to connect payment services to the site, because they consider that it is expensive, technically difficult, incomprehensible and long. Is it so? Let's try to understand.

Different payment directions are available for this system, among which the following are important: terminals, payment through popular payment systems such as WebMoney, QIWI and Bitcoin, MasterCard and VISA cards, mobile payment, Swift, cash. Interkassa offers its clients ready-made modules designed for the most popular CMS, one of which is Modx payment module.

This module is a free professional system for content management, as well as a framework for web applications, which is designed to organize and provide a joint process of playback, management and editing of site content.

Modx payment module can be used by everyone for both commercial distribution of sites that are built on this management system, and for personal use. This module is a rescue for optimizers, because the system provides easy customization of keywords, makes the site more "visible" to all search engines, shortening the time necessary for promotion. The module supports many payment systems. Despite the fact that the features of this module are quite wide, it has the convenience and flexibility of administration.

Modx payment module has the following advantages:
1. Having full control over the output of HTML code.
2. Compatibility with MVC.
3. Support for MooTools and jQuery, AJAX and prototype, ExtJS.
4. Ability to customize the needs of the client manager.
5. Cross-platform operation and its cross-browser compatibility.
6. The presence of a graphic installer.
7. Easy extensibility.
8. Access control and assignment of rights for access to ACL site manager.
9. Separation of design and logic of CMS.
10. Implementation for search engine optimization of full control over all metadata, as well as URL structure.

The order of installation on the online resource of the payment module:
Step 1. We check if the modular version is compatible with our CMS.
Step 2. On the tablet computer, download the plug-in and unpack it.
Stage 3. All the content that is in the folder "upload" is uploaded to the server.
Step 4. Open the administrative panel and select Interkassa in the list of payment methods.
Step 5. Open the "Settings" tab, where we fill in the fields with the secret key, a unique purse number, if necessary - a test key.
Step 6. We use our new API. To do this, we take from the settings of our account the key and id in the API tab and add the IP address of our site to the "IP filter" column.
Step 7. The received settings are saved.