Netcat payment module

Netcat payment module

Interkassa payment acceptance system is an excellent service that is ready to connect all possible payment systems to any Internet store or site, which will allow payment by popular payment systems in a large number through a single gateway. The system does not receive from the buyer its secret data during the receipt of payments, which guarantees the security of the transaction. In addition to the code, you can install plug-ins and modules, which will greatly simplify the work with the integration of payment systems.

Netcat payment module is a system of professional manipulation with sites, and in combination is considered one of the leading in the post-Soviet space. This module settles with the development of almost all types of sites, ranging from banal business cards that have virtually no content, and to more complex web systems, from online stores to corporate offices, from the media to the data library. Roughly speaking, the projects can be of almost any level of complexity and have completely different directions.

Managing the site on the basis of this module is subject even to the unprepared user, since this process does not require the knowledge of markup, Internet technologies and programming languages.

Netcat payment module is constantly upgrading, developers are constantly improving it, complementing innovative features. All the wishes of clients and partners, together with trends in the field of Internet development are always taken into account in the refinement processes.

More than a couple of thousands of studios, as well as private web developers for their projects have chosen the payment module Netcat.

The system of manipulation with the sites is capable of supporting the widest range of project type, different in information volume, load and functionality. The development cycle of the project varies from the business card site to the portal, which does not require any major processing.

Without the need for temporary disconnection of the site, without creating a design test copy (except for specific rare cases), the project functionality is increased with minimal effort. On the live project, the process of transition to the older version in the automatic mode does not cause any significant changes in the functionality of the project. The developer then configures the modules, as well as their launch. Here under such scheme it is possible to build up a project on functionality, for example, from a business card website to a portal, which includes forums, polls, all sorts of portals, blogs, advertising engines, online stores.