Payment module PHPShop

Payment module PHPShop

Online stores, websites and trading platforms are able to take all possible forms of payment as quickly as possible, which can be done in five types of currencies, ranging from hryvnia and ruble, to dollar, euro and lari, using Interkassa system. This payment system allows you to pay through a single Internet gateway with a large number of popular payment systems. 17 diverse CMS modules today form the core of the system for accepting payments from Interkassa.

PHPShop payment module is a free CMS containing a built-in set of templates in the amount of over a hundred pieces for design. With this module, you can create resources such as online stores, business card sites, information portals. This module is supported and released by the company-developer of stores since 2004, and it is called Software. The module can be presented in the form of 5 different versions: standard; free, open source; extended, with 1C support; light; extended version with the maintenance of R-Keeper.

The payment module PHPShop is aimed at Internet users who do not have specific knowledge and skills in working with complex types of systems and software products. Easy Control utility simplifies the process of expanding and updating standard functionality and installing this module on a hosting or computer.

The administrative part of the management system, or rather the interface, is made in the style of Microsoft Windows shells. It also provides the ability to edit content, namely, the consolidation of several pages into social thematic catalogs or the modification of individual parts of the page you are looking for. The work of graphics and text is possible thanks to the presence of the WYSIWYG content editor.

The advantages of the PHPShop payment module include:

intuitive interface;
stability and speed of the site;
availability of user manual;
simplicity of the installation process: to download this module you only need to download and run PHPShop Easy Control by clicking on the Install button and selecting the required version. Thanks to this, you can create a site on this platform in just a few hours;
accessibility of HTML-editor template code, allowing the editing of design elements with the provision of the ability to delete polls, banners, catalogs and other things in the mode of visual control.