WebAsyst payment module

WebAsyst payment module

Thanks to Interkassa payment system, any online sites and stores, trading platforms have the ability to take all the desired types of payment as quickly as possible, which can be done in 5 different types of currencies, such as euro, ruble, hryvnia, dollar, lari. From the received payment for the goods Interkassa will take the commission fee depending on the payment direction and other factors. To start cooperation with the system, you need to register your site by sending it to the moderation, since not all sites are accepted by the system for service.

Payment module WebAsyst is a unique system of content manipulation, which allows the implementation of any application development projects and other special work in networks, as well as a set of tools. This module, which is distinguished by an integrated approach, allows its users to start from scratch and supply with all the necessary resources to develop their own business: creating an information platform, a commercial website, an online store or a news feed.
Payment module WebAsyst is perfect for creating blogs, individual applications and full-fledged websites. This involves setting up access rights for the command, basic tools, CSS tools, and other features that are necessary to implement the Web interface. This module offers a dozen applications that have different functional purposes and can be used in aggregate or separately (it all depends on the individual tasks assigned), completely free.

The most popular tools of this module are: blog, photo gallery, stickers, hubs, support, site, lists, contacts, reviews, mailings, other web forms.
Extensibility is one of the main advantages of this module even in cases where the administrator initially installed only one kind of module, for example, WebAsyst Shop, there is an ability to add to it other components later. To date, the payment module WebAsyst is one of the most popular and most common in the network. This engine creates more than a couple of tens of thousands of stores, as well as other sites that are distinguished by high quality of operation and simplicity of the interface. In order to realize your project, it is no longer necessary to have any professional skills, since even a "dummy" can understand this system.

Main features of the module:
• easy to read URL-address;
• registration of users;
• convenient navigation, which allows you to find the necessary products with the maximum speed and simplicity according to the specified criteria;
• tracking order statuses;
• creation of blocks where the recommended goods are indicated;
• choice of payment systems and currencies for settlements on orders;
• exchange of links to create link publication on other resources;
• discussion of products with comments, reviews and ratings;
• stage-by-stage registration of orders;
• reverse communication module;
• convenience of shopping basket;
• additional anti-spam protection;
• uploading of product photos;
• fast loading of pages under the condition of minimal load on the server;
• availability of useful information sections;
• the ability to compare goods in order to make an informed choice;
• SEO-optimization for promotion in search engines.