Simpla payment module

Simpla payment module

Simpla payment module is the best engine for the online store, equally convenient for both the manager and the buyers. It is easy to configure, install and operate, which, in principle, is its main huge advantage, but it has quite a wide functionality that allows you to quickly create an online store of any subject and any kind of complexity.

Online stores created on the basis of this module, by a sophisticated user, are a wonderful solution for both large business projects and start-ups. With the administrative part, which is very simple to operate, even the person who is very far from programming will cope. Adaptive templates will be displayed correctly on all kinds of devices, and the initial design can satisfy any, even the most sophisticated user. The backup system of this module is able to prevent data loss in case of server failures.

Simpla payment module allows you to get rid of routine operations by sorting by drag and drop or auto-completion, as well as many other amenities. Product properties, block, comments, watermarks for commodity images, multi-level product catalog, related products, articles, discount system, as well as many other functions, coupled with the thoughtfulness of the admin interface, help this module to make your work as comfortable and fast as possible. The script of the online store on this site will feel equally good on any kind of hosting, selling hundreds of thousands of goods.

What are the main features of Simpla payment module?

buyer's fields and addresses are divided into blocks;
the module is able to work even in a pop-up, not just as a module of a page;
in the module admin panel, the dependence of the fields from one another is specified, and their validation can occur without a reboot in the browser;
the presence of multi-step operation mode, where for each step it is possible to set its own template for displaying blocks, or display them all on any one page;
setting all the module fields in the admin panel;
simplification of modular templates, headers and field templates that are placed in separate files, which greatly simplifies the change for any needs of the appearance of the module;
simplification of the format for storing custom fields and adding them to the account and letters by adding the field identifier in the localizations to the address template for the required country