Wordpress payment module

Wordpress payment module

With the rapid development of e-commerce in our time, sellers have a need to provide the buyer with convenient ways of paying for Internet purchases. For these purposes, special systems have been created that provide a multitude of methods for transfer of money.

Often, the deciding factor for buyers when choosing the place of purchase is the possibility of making payments using the usual method. Therefore, when choosing a payment aggregator for your site, pay attention to which payment directions are available in it.

Interkassa electronic payment acceptance service enables to pay through various payment systems, such as bank cards, Internet money, terminals and payment via a mobile phone.

Interkassa provides a set of ready-made solutions for popular CMS, including the payment module Wordpress. It can be downloaded easily and quickly from our official website.

Our service makes it possible to receive payments in 5 different currencies and display them in more than ten directions.

If you are an individual, then work with our service starts without concluding a contract, but for legal entities it is mandatory. Registering an account takes a few seconds and will require you to enter only e-mail and captcha. After this you will receive an e-mail generated password, which in the future can be changed to your personal.

The ready-made payment module Wordpress is designed for simplified implementation of the payment aggregator on the site. Installation will take no more than 5 minutes, and you can immediately start receiving payments.

Our settlement center is constantly working on improving its service to make it even simpler, more understandable and safe.

Begin cooperation with Interkassa and feel all the simplicity and convenience of working with a powerful and reliable service for transferring money from the buyer to the seller.