Website Requirements

If you want to use Interkassa payment services, make sure your website meets our guidelines.

1.The website has to be publicly available so that users can browse it.

  1. A merchant who is under the contract should have a multi-page website with more than one listed product/service. The resource has to provide customers with access to a full range of products/services.

3.Standalone web page (landing page) is a possible option for those merchants who aren't under the contract. If the landing page provides customers with the necessary information about goods and the company, that is acceptable.

  1. All goods/services on your website have to conform to the legislation of the country you sell/provide them to.
  2. The website has to provide the following information:
  • company name and trademarks used;
  • company registration address and visiting address;
  • contacts: phone number, email;
  • complete description of the goods or services offered (e.g. delivery terms, pricing);
  • public offer agreement.

6.All website pages have to be under the same domain.

Please, keep this minimum set of requirements in mind, and note that every merchant is checked individually.

Payment system logos

Companies that accept online payments by Visa and MasterCard can place the logo of these payment networks on their websites.

Please, use only the logos provided below.